Namaste, my name is Siobhan and I have been studying the wonderful health benefits of Pranayama with my much loved Guru and Pranayama teacher Sri O.P.Tiwari since 2005. I began Yoga in 1996 and from my first class knew this was the way forward. The difference I felt in that first class made me stop, think and continue making Yoga part of my everyday life.  I studied traditional Hatha Yoga under Johann Prosser for four years a client of mine who persuaded me at the time that Yoga was what I needed in my life and she was so very right.  I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and guidance in those first years as a yoga student. As I evolved and searched for more I found my way to a regular Ashtanga practice through John Scott and David Swenson and had much treasured time in Mysore in 2004 with Patabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath. I continued with Paul Dallaghan at Samahitha and met Sri. O . P Tiwari at a year long teacher training with Paul in 2005. David Keil and John Scott have also been great influences on my practice and I still teach and practice Ashtanaga today and have paralleled my Ashtanga practice with Pranayama every day.  Today I am currently studying at the Kaivalyadhama research Institute in Lonavla, Pune.  My guru and his Guru and mentor are the original founders of this amazing centre where research on traditional yoga methods have been scientifically researched since 1925, the Institute being founded in 1965 a year before Swami Kuvalyananda passed on and left this lineage to my teacher, who has admirably carried on with the top scientific doctors and research team in India to this date.  I am one of the first 15 students to be offered this degree course. I will be the only person in the UK to have completed the course at its end in 2019.  We aim to keep disease at a minimum and teach people how to take control of their own body and mind and to heal.  This aims to rid disease and disorder from the body and mind and instill a more grounded and happier individual. It has changed my life and I hope it will change yours too.